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Please help me fulfill a matching gift opportunity!

$11,040 towards $15,000

I have been approached by an anonymous donor with a matching gift opportunity of $15,000! For every dollar you are able to help me fundraise, this donor will match in my fundraising goal for Wings. Let me tell you a little bit more of why I support this great organization.

Since I have moved to Oklahoma City with my wife, Sarah, Wings has always held a special place in our life and in our hearts. Seeing the members of Wings at church, at various fundraising events, and on a lunch tour of the facility, I have witnessed members, volunteers, and faculty love on these people and the community as a whole just as Christ has called us to - unconditionally. Not only are these members full of the love of Christ and have a special "zest" for life, but it is wonderfully infectious. You cannot help but walk away from any encounter with the members of Wings with a smile on your face.

Having been fortunate enough to attend many Wings events in the past 5 years living here, it came to grow a fondness and special attention in my life. It was in the fall of last year that I heard about a position opening on the Wings Young Professional Board and I knew this would be the best opportunity for me to lend a hand in assisting this wonderful mission and these fantastic people. Instead of simply attending events and fundraisers, I have the opportunity to help forward the mission of a truly selfless organization whose main goal is to equip adults with special needs to follow Jesus and lead a fulfilling life that glorifies Him.

I hope you will take a few moments and donate to help my matching gift opportunity and raise awareness for an excellent cause. Can I count on you to help forward Wings' mission?